What Does It Mean To Be A Corporate Partner?


If you have attended a live Calgary Marketing Association (CMA) event and if you have participated in any of the CMA webinars, dropped by a virtual Mixer, benefited from a panel presentation and the Branding workshop in 2020, you were doing so thanks to the generosity and commitment of our Annual Corporate Partners.

CMA has always been proud to have companies asking how they can support this marketing community.

Our sponsorship has come in many forms – Beer from local breweries, sought after tickets and passes to Conferences and Gatherings donated, information booths and company banners at live functions; businesses using a night out with the CMA as a team building opportunity or Christmas party.






Lately, companies are coming forth and pledging their year around support to local Marketers via the CMA. Through Partnership funding our community partakes in amazing marketing experiences and our Partner’s have access to a multitude of venues and platforms – Face to Face and Virtual – to showcase who they are and what they do! Corporate Partners get to Give and Give Back.

And, as times change The Calgary Marketing Association transforms to meet the needs of all Marketers… Case in point:

  • Within two weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic being declared, and with the collaboration of a 2020 Corporate Partner, CMA presented a webinar titled: Your Brand Through COVID-19 and Beyond. Since then we have provided regular, timely and applicable online presentations, panel discussions, workshops and mixers via ZOOM.
  • To aid in maintaining valuable connections with our marketing community and members, the CMA adopted an online community and hosted online discussion forums.
  • Every day the CMA continues to find new and innovative ways to keep our Partners and audience connected. Partner logos on all electronic news letters and email blasts, banner ads, spotlights and blogs and even 30 second videos are featured and promoted on our website, at online events, and via social media. And, a verbal THANK YOU goes out every chance we get.







Our membership has remained strong during COVID-19 and our reach into our community has grown. Our audience now extends throughout Alberta, Canada, the USA and Internationally. Our reach for our Partners goes well beyond the Calgary marketing community.

If you would like to become a Corporate Partner in 2021, please reach out.

If you know of an organization in Calgary, in Alberta, somewhere else in Canada, or somewhere else in the world that wants access to the Calgary community, lets talk!



Many Thanks to our 2020 Partners


Platinum Corporate

Canada Post - Corporate Partner


Gold Corporate








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Jan Wood is Vice President of the Calgary Marketing Association and heads up Events and Partnerships. With over 20 years in the marketing profession both in Canada and Internationally and primarily in product development, Jan offers consulting in the education, health and oil & gas sectors.


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