Calgary Marketing Events 2017

Introducing Our Fall Line Up of Calgary Marketing Events

See you in September… And October and November… and then there’s the Christmas party in December…

Last time we saw many of you was in May when we partied with The Stampeders, and were enlightened and ignited by Christina Litz, SVP Marketing & Content, CFL.  If you missed that party, we are truly sorry. It was an evening to remember. But there is always the autumn!

Now that we have taken a well deserved summer break – well not really, because we have spent a great deal of it listening to you our members, and compiling and decimating this valuable information, and working towards a new trajectory for the Calgary Marketing Association –  but we’ll get to that later.

Now that summer is winding down, we are thrilled to tell you about our fall lineup.

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The weird world of marketers

by Karen Nguyen

“Thanks to condoms!”

The 2017 Anvil Award show was hosted on May 5th, and that was just one of the many bizarre thank you speeches that night. “Thank you to food” “Thank you to celiacs for the inspiration” and one of my favourites – “no” – when asked to give a thank you speech.

MC Andrew Phung also continued to accept awards and give thank you speeches on behalf of the winners.

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Are you ready for the CASL changes coming into effect July 1st?

The CMA’s, April CASL Luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn in East Village was again a sold out event. The crowd was buzzing with nervous anticipation as Martin Kratz, Q.C. and Graeme S. Harrison from Bennett Jones LLP began their presentation.

Eyes grew wider and notes books were ready. As all good lawyers, Kratz and Harrison started off with the fine print. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), is a very complicated topic that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read More

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Why Johnny Russo Joined the CMA Board of Directors

In November 2016, the Calgary Marketing Association (CMA) invited me to attend a special cocktail party to get input on the direction that the CMA is headed.

In case you don’t know, the Calgary Marketing Association is the hub for Calgary’s vibrant and growing marketing community. Before my boss David Lui, introduced me to this association, I wasn’t even aware existed. I’ll chalk it up partly to being new to Calgary, but also because of the CMA’s low profile in digital promotion of itself.

Fast forward to January 2017.  I was ecstatic when CMA President Cidnee Stephen reached out to me with an invite to join the CMA Board of Directors.   It didn’t take me long to say yes!!!  Here are some reasons why.


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Defining CMO Role

Is The CMO Role Being Redefined?

While the CMO title has traditionally been defined as one that focuses solely on market research, advertising, and brand management, many of today’s CMOs find themselves operating far outside these defined roles. The changing needs and behaviors of consumers are creating a wide range of potential new opportunities for CMOs to play a more central role in moulding an organization’s public persona. Read More

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Chris Kneeland - Calgary Marketing Speaker

Is advertising taking up too much real estate in your promotional budget?

At this month’s CMA luncheon, Chris Kneeland CEO of Cult Collective challenged a packed house of Calgary’s marketing professionals on exactly this question.  

Calgary Marketing Events Kneeland says Calgary’s marketers have to be willing to ask the tough questions and understand today’s consumers, customer and markets. Recent surveys show that there are more businesses going out of business than there are start-ups. Why? Consumers have changed.  They want things faster, cheaper and they want quality for their money. In the past when a business faltered, people poured money into advertising, coupons and discount deals. As Kneeland pointed out the Calgary marketing community should be looking at “marketing vs. markdowns.”  If people didn’t buy your product or service at regular price, what makes you think they are going to buy it if you tell just more people, slash the price or offer coupons? Kneeland called these traditional responses, “death by discount”. His advice:

Put advertising on a “dimmer switch,”
branch out and create something that people want to be a part of.

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Check Your “Happiness ROI”

Have you checked your “Happiness ROI” lately?

Whether you’re an employer or employee, you may want to give it a try. It may just improve your business or career.

At the April 2016 CMA luncheon at the Fairmont Palliser, speakers Melodie Creegan and Karen Judge shared their experiences and ideas on happiness and how it enhances business success for both employers and employees alike.  Creegan is President and Founder of Mosaic Communications, and Judge is a self-described “Happiness Geek” who aims to help others develop happiness skills through coaching and her website.

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Time Again for the ANVILS!!!

On May 6th, join Ad Rodeo for the annual Anvil Awards, a celebration of creativity and craft, honouring the city’s best in design, advertising, video, and digital.

Get exposed to brilliant ideas, find new marketing partners, connect with old friends, and then bring the inspiration into your business.

Get You Tickets Here!


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