A Webinar of the Death of Cookies Comes Alive!

The Calgary Marketing Association kicked off our 2021 webinar series with a provocative topic and a significant audience!


With our highest virtual attendance to date, Heather Ilsley and Genevieve Crebbin set out to answer the question Is Behavioural Targeting Dead?  and, What the Death of the Cookie and App Tracking Means for Marketers.

Vast amounts of background information and possible future scenarios were shared, and a robust Question and Answer period took the one-hour event right up to the final moment.

For those of you who are seeking more information on this subject, visit Vovia’s blog page and enjoy Digital Marketing Tips: Preparing for the Death of Third-Party Cookies.

And, as promised by Heather, below are a multitude of reference links for your review:


  1. What the death of third-party cookies means to marketers.  A great overview on the death of cookies (it is a bit of a long read, but completely worth it!).
  2. In Human Terms, Episode 15: Unified ID 2.0 . A very quick high level video overview of Unified ID 2.0 from the CEO of The Trade Desk (the organization that is contributing engineering resources to this project).
  3.  Enter Sandbox: How Google Is building an Internet without cookies – and why publishers are concerned. This is about the Google Privacy Sandbox, answering questions such as what it is and why this option is concerning to the industry.
  4. The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Is Gaining Steam. Here’s Where Things Stand.  Information on Unified ID 2.0 and the companies that have signed on to support it. The fact that some of the largest ad platforms are behind this idea is very encouraging!
  5. Cookies: what does ‘good’ look like?   This article talks about some of the myths around GDPR- it is a good read if you want to understand what could be coming to Canada!
  6. How Will Mobile Advertising Adapt If MAIDS are Eliminated? Information on the iOS 14 change and what it means for the mobile ad ecosystem.
  7. How Apple’s iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads  Facebook is the first of the major apps to release changes for ads once iOS 14 is released. If you run Facebook ads, this link highlights the changes you will need to make.
  8. Marketing: 15 examples of personalised cookie banners by brands Creating a customized cookie notification message, examples of how brands can better communicate the value that their site brings, and encourage consumers to allow tracking. This article discusses where to place the banner – depending on jurisdiction, you may not have a choice. If the ability to track requires opt-in, you definitely do not want to hide your consent framework.
  9. For the First Time, DoubleTree by Hilton Reveals Official Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe so Bakers Can Create the Warm, Welcoming Treat at Home Finally, the most important resource of all. Early into the pandemic, Doubletree shared their famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. These are some of the best cookies I’ve had and they are very addictive so I recommend making a batch, rolling them into balls and then freezing the balls of dough. That way, when you want one (or 3) you can pull a few out of the freezer and bake them. Pro tip: double the vanilla and use a mix of milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips!


If you have any questions and/or want to get in touch with Heather directly, she has kindly offered her email address at:

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Jan Wood is Vice President of the Calgary Marketing Association and heads up Events and Partnerships. With over 20 years in the marketing profession both in Canada and Internationally and primarily in product development, Jan offers consulting in the education, health and oil & gas sectors.




Kyla Mackie is a recent graduate from Mount Royal University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a major in Marketing and minor in International Business and Economics. During her time at University, she was the Co-President of Enactus, a non-profit organization that helps create positive sustainable change through economic, social, and environmental projects. Now, she is working at the Calgary Marketing Association as the Communications Coordinator.

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