Top Tips for Creating a Summer-Ready Content Marketing Strategy

Just because temperatures are soaring and an increasing amount of your target audience is on vacation doesn’t mean your content marketing strategy gets to take a summer holiday too. While the summer season can make it more difficult to attract eyeballs to your brand marketing, there are actionable steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your audience outreach. Instead of taking a hiatus on content marketing for the summer season, try instead to focus on types of content outreach your audience is more likely to react to regardless of whether they are lounging at the lake or sipping a cold beer on the back patio.

Ready? Here goes!


Creating and sharing infographics with your brand’s audience is a terrific way to offer relevant information in an easily digestible format. Your audience doesn’t need to work their way through a lengthy blog post or read a white paper extolling your company’s virtues. Infographics can contain a huge amount of information but can be consumed in mere minutes. Infographics are also more likely to be shared, thus increasing your company’s content marketing ROI at the same time.



Increasing your brand’s use of video during the summer season is another excellent way to offer content marketing in an easily consumed format. Summer video marketing can include anything from funny videos to animated videos heavy on graphics and text overlays. Think about the types of videos your company’s audience is most likely to consume while on summer vacation with their families to ensure you’re offering video content in formats your customers will enjoy.


Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes are another fabulous way to ensure your content marketing strategy is summer-ready. Not only are polls and quizzes easily interacted with, they can also offer valuable data on your target audience. Learn more about your customers’ preferences while offering engaging content at the same time. You can even convert the answers you receive into infographics to share with your audience, thereby doubling the outreach potential of your queries. 



Offering branded cartoons can take your summer content marketing strategy to an entirely new level. Use tools like Toontastic ( or SuperAnimo ( to create custom cartoons to share with your followers. Create lighthearted cartoon messaging sure to engage your audience and build your brand’s reputation at the same time. If you’re going to use cartoons as part of your digital marketing strategy, be sure to plan your visual outreach in advance so you stay on message and create cartoons that deliver on their promise.

These are just a few ways you can ensure your content marketing strategy is ready for summer while still offering audience engagement at the same time. Instead of focusing on text-heavy content outreach efforts, spend your time creating content that is easily consumed and shared regardless of your audience’s location. Your company’s content consumers are much likelier to share a branded infographic or cartoon during the summer than they are a case study or blog post.

Get creating and let us know how it works!