The Best International Christmas Ads for 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the sleigh bells are jingling, the mulled wine is bubbling, and the Christmas ads begin to play. The holiday season tends to bring out the best in all us, and it is an occasion to celebrate being human, sharing joy and eliciting kindness.

It is also a time where marketers and advertisers deliver thought-provoking, emotional and beautiful ads. They do this as a way to engage their brand story to end the year on an upbeat tone. Here are a few noteworthy ads we recommend watching to get you into the Christmas spirit and to inspire your future Christmas campaigns:

SuperValu: Celebration of Family

This ad, by TBWA\Dublin, highlights SuperValu’s brand idea of ‘All things considered’ and uses an interpretation of Oliver! the musical’s ‘Consider yourself’ with genuine customers to create a cheerful and lyrical ode to bring their brand story to life through the festivities of Christmas.





Act for Kids and Publicis Worldwide: Making Christmas about Giving

Australian children’s charity – Act for Kids and Publicis Worldwide Brisbane joined forces this Christmas to raise awareness for the charity and to help challenge the receiving perception of Christmas to make it more about giving and eliciting kindness. The ‘One Less Present’ campaign seeks to create a conversation around the act and importance of generosity and challenges families to forgo unnecessary present in lieu of giving to those in greater need.



BETC: The Magic of Christmas

This ad, by BETC Shopper and Passion Paris, utilizes the magical experience of Christmas to produce a heart-warming, sweet and funny story that helps BETC Shopper deliver on their brand idea of ‘Making every day special’ and create engaging holiday content which has received over 2.8 million YouTube views.



PostNord: The Gift of Perspective

Christmas is a hectic time, and sometimes we forget to keep a little perspective. In this ad from Forsman & Bodenfors Sweden, we get a glimpse of the behind the scene story of what makes Christmas tick at PostNord (a Swedish logistics company). The ad has been designed to communicate the improvements the company in the lead up to Christmas. It also aims to provide customers a little more understanding around the delivery service in an aim to help drive their customer satisfaction promise during the year’s busiest delivery period




John Lewis: The Ultimate Christmas Ad

It’s not Christmas unless there is a John Lewis ad being shared around the internet. Known for their icon Christmas ads, John Lewis have not disappointed this year. The 2018 ad is about the power of a gift and how it can influence and inspire the course of a life. The expert storytelling within this ad is heartfelt





Well there you have it, the best of the holiday ad spots for 2018. As we dash on through holiday season, think about the best ad spots how they make you feel and more importantly, how they make the customer feel. Share the joy, spread the kindness and have a happy holiday season. 

About the Author

Jacqueline Hickman is a communications, marketing and brand management specialist with over 10 years experience and a serious passion for building and supporting businesses with a marketing first approach. She has expertise across the retail marketing, consumer goods, real estate, technology, and financial sectors and have experience working on both sides of the desk (agency and in-house) which gives a unique understanding of the challenges businesses face while being able to bring an outsider’s perspective of the situation. Jacqueline is currently an account manager for Sandbox Brand Marketing in Calgary, AB.