The weird world of marketers

by Karen Nguyen

“Thanks to condoms!”

The 2017 Anvil Award show was hosted on May 5th, and that was just one of the many bizarre thank you speeches that night. “Thank you to food” “Thank you to celiacs for the inspiration” and one of my favourites – “no” – when asked to give a thank you speech.

MC Andrew Phung also continued to accept awards and give thank you speeches on behalf of the winners.

Did I mention they were giving away free anvil tattoos? Actual, permanent (as in FOREVER) tattoos – and there was a long line of attendees to get one. Talk about creating a cult!

This was my first time to the Anvils, and it may have been one of the weirdest award shows I’ve experienced in my life. I always knew that the marketing industry was unique – I mean it’s an industry where madness is truly genius and being different is celebrated. Getting together all these brilliantly independent minds in one room for a night of celebration? I shouldn’t have expected any less. All I know is that after experiencing the Anvils, I feel even more grateful that I get to be part of this uniquely “weird” industry.

As marketers, we are so fortunate to spend our careers being rewarded for exercising our creativity, challenging ourselves and others to think outside the box, doing things different (but always with purpose) than others would, and turning everything we touch into art. Our diverse industry is made of diverse people. Our work isn’t just ‘fun’, we’re changing the world and the way people view it through the way we choose to communicate. Companies rely on us to message their brand and we have the significant role in how companies are perceived by the public at large. A company’s reputation is in our hands. This is no easy feat.

I’m glad we have a night like the Anvils where we get to appreciate each other’s work. Here’s to our industry for continuing to welcome creative geniuses no matter what shape or size they come in. And here’s to Calgary, a city that our team is on a mission to spotlighting as the hub for all marketers for 2017 and beyond.