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Founded in 2001, The Calgary Marketing Association (CMA) is a nonprofit industry association with a membership representing a diverse cross section of Calgary marketing professionals.  Our members come from various sectors and levels of experience and are excited to engage and excel in the world of marketing.  The focus of the Calgary Marketing Association is to showcase emerging best practices in marketing and to create a community that fosters collaborative knowledge exchange; setting a competitive tone for our neighbours with the strong marketing expertise built right here in Calgary. We believe in  promoting all Calgary marketing events, which allows professionals and students to get the focused education and support they may need.  We’re also your place for finding new career opportunities or quality marketing talent in Calgary so that Calgary’s talent stays local.

We celebrate all marketers, and give recognition to our peers who are leaders in our industry.
Together, we can attract and retain great marketing talent and opportunities in Calgary.


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Mission: The Calgary Marketing Association is The hub for Calgary’s vibrant marketing community.

Because our market is broader than some of our competitors, we are often looked at as the neutral ground; a place that can bring different parties to the table to make the marketing community a better environment. The Calgary Marketing Association is Calgary’s premiere source of local marketing expertise, news, and contacts. As the meeting place of the Calgary marketing community, we give professionals the ability to connect with peers and enhance their skill set while engaging their brand deeper into the market through sharing and learning, allowing industry players to connect in the field. This hub results in an elevation of the community as a whole.

Vision: To lead and inspire by connecting, educating, growing and celebrating the Calgary marketing community.

We bridge the gap of awareness between agencies and large corporation; dropping the competitiveness between each other and moving to boost one and other up within the industry through shared tools and networks. We are your One-Stop-Shop! With several other marketing segment-specific associations competing for similar members and their money, we believe in a neutral territory and invite all the sectors to come together to collaborate and give compliment to each others’ works. We stay relevant through promoting Calgary marketing events, career development opportunities, mentorship and job postings among our several features.

Purpose: We exist to elevate Calgary as a world-class, thriving marketing community for the benefit of inspiring and growing our people, industries and craft.

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Community Marketing Events

Jan 17

Building a Website to Achieve Your Goals

January 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Calgary Canada
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