About Our Members

CMA Hub Residents

The Calgary Marketing Association exists to elevate Calgary as a world-class, thriving marketing community for the benefit of inspiring and growing our people, industries, and our craft.  We reach a broad audience of marketing professionals, other marketing associations, marketing clubs, marketing students and marketing suppliers.
Our growth is one of our biggest key measurements to our overall relevancy in the market. With recent layoffs, companies have had to limit budgets affecting both attendance and membership. The fact that the CMA has managed to grow at all in this environment, let alone by 20% since January 2017, is a promising testament to the value we offer.  We wouldn’t be who we are without the strength and support of our members.
In February 2017, a demographic survey was distributed to current members, with a response rate of nearly 50%.

Results show that members in our hub:

  • Currently working in marketing, usually at the managerial level
  • 49% holding a bachelor’s degree
  • When it came to department size, 43% said they work with marketing departments with of 2-5 people
  • 41% of members work in a head office
  • The average age is 40 years young, and
  • We have a fairly even split of 53% male members and 47% female members
 The CMA board consists of  11 members with diverse backgrounds, age, and industry knowledge from Calgary’s marketing community.  All board members advocate and support the vision of the CMA: to educate, grow, inspire and celebrate Calgary’s marketing community.

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