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How to express brand purpose: it’s not me, it’s you

Zoom Webinar

Join ZGM's Director of Storytelling, Kurt Beaudoin, for a free webinar where we explore how to effectively translate your organizational purpose into your brand creative. What you'll learn Standing for something doesn’t mean talking about yourself How to focus on your audience The importance of being interesting Why to leave “we” out of your copy


From the Ashes of 2020 Comes Opportunity in 2021

Zoom Webinar

An 18 year old Marketing Agency Redefines Itself Under New, Scrappier Ownership FREE EVENT - REGISTER HERE Forest fires repeat cycles of creation and destruction. Out of the destruction of fire, forests spring young trees, new stronger spices and a clean slate for growth. Clearing the old and making way for the new. This is […]

Canadian Buying Trends and The Marketing Opportunities They Bring

Zoom Webinar

FREE EVENT - REGISTER HERE We all know that the habits of Canadians have changed over the past decade and drastically so over the last year. In a recent survey conducted by Accenture, 70% of Canadian respondents stated that they expect to do most of their socializing either in their home, a friend’s home, or […]

Command & Conquer

Zoom Webinar

Command & Conquer is designed to equip business owners with the tactics they need to build and execute strategic plans that will help them find their story, acquire new leads, and scale their businesses. . Day 1 reviews and reveals the business owners (and executive members) values and driving forces that make up / inform […]