Mx Forum

$1,000.00 + GST

As a member of the Mx Forum, you will receive:

  • 4 Live Events – one per quarter
  • Access to a private LinkedIn group for resources, insights and support

Forum Member Details

If different. This helps us stay in touch should you change jobs

Eligibility Criteria

e.g. If you report directly to the President then 0, but if you report to a VP who then reports to Senior VP, who then reports to the President that would be 2)

I understand that as a member of the Mx Forum, I’m responsible for contributing to a safe and positive setting for learning and support within the group, for identifying and pursuing my own challenges and for seeking the support from others to move forward.

I hereby agree to the following:

1. Constructive and positive participation at meetings and online.
2. A commitment to full confidentiality. I understand that, in order to maintain a level of trust, it is essential that all meetings and discussion within the group remain strictly confidential. Absolutely none of the confidential information shared may be used to cause competitive injury or disadvantage to a participant.
3. Information may only be shared if it’s general industry knowledge or if it’s resource material that is already available for public consumption and/or if the member agrees that private information can be shared.
3. Should I leave the group or the group is terminated, I must continue to abide by this confidentiality agreement.
4. If I breach the terms of this agreement, I may be asked to leave the group and will not receive a refund for dues paid to this group.

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Annual Membership in the Mx Forum