Judging Good Creative

May 20, 2015 – May 20, 2015

133 9th Ave SW

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How Marketers & Agencies can work together to judge the best ideas

May 20th, 2015      11:30am – 1:00pm    Lunch Included     Palliser Hotel

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This presentation will focus on understanding what constitutes good creative. It will ask (and maybe even answer),

  1. “How do I know I’ve got a good idea?”
  2. “How do I avoid ruining a great idea one change at a time?”
  3. “Where do I fit in as a client, to help make this the Best. Idea. Ever.?”

Ultimately, It’s about helping marketers understand where their agencies are coming from (finding creative solutions for their problems) to get the best work from their agencies, for their brands, through the power of a ideas.

It’s a tale as old as time itself. And by time we mean a hundred years or so. A client goes to their agency with a project. The agency creates a brief reflecting the goals and outlining a strategic approach to that project. Client and agency agree on the brief before it disappears into the bowels of the creative department.

Two weeks later the agency emerges with their ideas. Two weeks later the client arrives with their expectations.

Now comes the hard part.….It’s time to judge the work.

What makes a good idea? How can creativity work to solve business problems? So much of what makes a good client, agency relationship comes down to a mutual understanding of what that means.

About The Presenter

1491_trent-burtonTrent is creative director and partner at WAX Partnership, one of Western Canada’s most decorated Advertising and design shops. He started his career as a writer, but over the years has come to know and understand the power of great design as well.

Over his 15–year career, Trent has worked on a number of national and international clients, including Unilever, TELUS, ConocoPhillips, KFC, Mattel, Amex, and Canadian Tire. Trent was also creative director on WestJet’s iconic “owners” campaign for 5 years.

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