How Can Marketers and their Agencies Work Together to Judge the Best Ideas?

Find out on May 20th…

But for now, to explore CMA’s presentation topic on how marketers and their agencies can work together for top-rung results, Sue Blanchard, spoke with Trent Burton, the Creative Director of the WAX Partnership.  In the interview below, Trent shares the nuts ‘n’ bolts of what constitutes great creative for any type of marketing communications ranging from a logo to a multi-media campaign.  Plan to register for Trent’s presentation, and luncheon on May 20, 11:30 to 1:00 pm at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel.

Tell me about your upcoming presentation on what constitutes good creative.

After nearly 20 years in advertising, I’ll be the first to tell you there’s no definitive answer to what constitutes good creative. It’s subjective. Everyone has an opinion. And rightfully so. But what I can say with certainty is that there are certainly criteria you can put against an idea that increases your odds of recognizing whether it’s good or not. My presentation will look at what I think you can do to either judge great creative and or get the best creative out of your advertising agency. It’s a tightrope to be sure, but one I think more marketers shouldn’t be afraid to walk on.

What factors go into a great marketing communications campaign?

There are two or two-and-a-half overarching factors to get you moving in the right direction.

Is the campaign both original and relevant? Creativity for the sake of creativity is wasted effort. If the idea is original and it speaks to your target in a way that’s emotionally relevant then you’ve got a winner.

Are you talking to the right people? All too often marketers try and cast the widest net in their efforts to attract customers. Understandable. But I would argue that you see more effective results when you define your target and speak to them and only them.

What services does your agency provide?

WAX is a full-service advertising, design and brand building agency. That means we do everything but media buying.  It was important to us when we started ten years ago to concentrate on what we knew we were (and still are) good at.  And that’s using creativity as a business tool to build brands. So, whether we’re designing a logo, online content or a full-on advertising campaign, we’re always asking ourselves a few of crucial questions.

  • What’s the business challenge?
  • How do we use creativity to solve it?
  • Is this the best manifestation of the client’s brand?

But back to your question….  I think the service WAX ultimately provides is ideas. That’s our stock in trade.

What advice do you have for clients on how to work with creative teams?

It’s a great question. And while there’s lots of ground to cover there, I’ll start with one crucial piece of advice for clients of advertising agencies:  Be clear.  It will inevitably lead to better work.

Be clear with the business problem you’re trying to solve. Be clear in the direction you want to go. And be clear in your feedback, good or bad.

And if you haven’t book your seats or table already, now is the time.

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