January Marketing Events

Our First Facebook Live with Bing on Converting Customers Online

Check out our first Facebook Live with Sarah Drimmie of Bing.  We have posted it here and you can of course also check it out on our Facebook page

Customers begin their online decision-making process by forming impressions of your product, brand or service from multiple touchpoints, long before they’re actively shopping. They’re using search engines on PC, tablet and mobile, reading review sites, getting social network inputs – and you need to be right there with them. The traditional purchase funnel is dead! Bing’s Sarah Drimmie walks you through the new circular journey, showing you how to keep your marketing efforts on a steady beat throughout that cycle. Learn how to make your business top-of-mind even when customers aren’t thinking about your brand.

In this presentation, Sarah talks about:

Seeing keywords in a new light
Ensuring your ads are being triggered at the right time, by the right audience
Creating copy that converts
Identifying creative ways to use Ad Extensions to dominate SERP

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