Building Better Marketers Through Mentorship

At the CMA we believe mentorship is an opportunity for both a senior trailblazer and an up-and-coming leader to learn from one another and forge a path to create a community of expert marketers in Calgary.
In this program, you’ll be matched based on your expertise and goals for a 6-month period. We’ll encourage you to connect, work on your goals, and hopefully build a relationship that goes beyond the program.

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Join our community of like-minded marketing experts. Whether you’re hiring top local talent for your company, expanding your team’s knowledge through a corporate membership, or sharing your expertise to the community, there are many benefits to being a member.

Benefits of Mentorship

There's something for every marketer

Skill Development

  • Discover areas of growth and receive candid feedback to improve specific skills

Gain New Perspectives

  • Share experiences and understand different ways to solve challenges.

Develop & Strengthen Leadership Skills

  • Hone Your Coaching, Team Development, and Interpersonal Skills.

Increased Self Confidence

  • Create a roadmap for personal and professional development and be held accountable to the outcome.

Increase Self Awareness

  • Constructive feedback helps you understand your current capabilities and skills, and where there are areas to improve.

Build Professional Relationships

  • Learn networking skills to grow your professional network


Becoming a Mentee


     per program

Becoming a Mentor


Requirements to Become a Mentee Include:

  • Current member of the CMA
  • Ability to connect with your mentor once a month
  • Drive your own experience by sharing your goals
  • Willingness to learn and accept feedback from your mentor
  • $99 fee once accepted to the program

Requirements to Become a Mentor Include:

  • Current member of the CMA
  • Ability to connect with your mentee once per month
  • Willingness to share your experience and provide honest, candid feedback
  • Provide support with your mentee’s best interest in mind

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